“Impossibly romantic riverside setting”

“Just a brief note to say that Sue and I  were with two friends were at The Boathouse last night. Excellent food, wine and service and the dining areas seemed  packed to the rafters”
Colin Rosser- Chairman, In Oxford group

“Evolved from the cheap ’n’ cheerful boathouse of my student days…the impossibly romantic riverside setting has always been the killer feature of this stalwart venture, but the improving food more often lives up to the other particular highlight – a wine list with great variety and some fantastic prices”
Hardens 2014

In ten words:

“Don’t go anywhere else this summer. Oxford to a T”


“That was the true beginning of summer for me, that wonderfully hedonistic mix of incredible food, delicious wine and that quintessential Oxford scene that warms the previously frost-bitten cockles of our English hearts. Summer is finally here”
Oxford Times 2013



2014 wine list of the year from the Good Food Guide:

“The most eye-catching element, for sure, is the pricing. When a tough judge like Isa Bal MS of The Fat Duck gives you 10/10 for value for money (as he did in the first round of judging) you know that this is a place where your hard-earned goes a long way.

The temptation, of course, is to home in on the fine wines, with A-list producers and great vintages at the kind of prices you can only hit if you buy en primeur and have a democratic approach to margins. Mouton 1995 for £350, Ridge Monte Bello 1997 for £160, Comtes Lafon Meursault Perrieres 1989 for £180; this is a sommelier’s wet dream.

And yet, for our final-round judges it was the consistency of this value that pushed it to the front of the pack, with terrifically-priced wines all the way through, from bottles of Louis Roederer Brut Premier at a touch over £60 to a Felines Jourdan Picpoul at £19 and Au Bon Climat’s Santa Maria Pinot for £40. Whether you are on a splurge or on a budget, this is a list that spoils you for choice.The by-the-glass and half-bottle selections are exemplary, it’s clean, simple to use, beautifully presented and the innovative touches are helpful and encouraging. Offering a flight of three different 35cl sweet wines for £8 was a nice touch, as was listing the fine selection of German Rieslings in ascending order of sweetness.

It’s a list that, quite simply, has no faults. It’s exciting, but not overly long; has personality but is never self-indulgent, and caters for the wine fan and the novice alike.

‘There’s a fantastic consistency here,’ said Studio Alto’s Neil Bruce. ‘It’s unremittingly excellent.’ Truly, a worthy winner”

2013 Louis Roederer Wine list of the year from Imbibe Magazine

“Tranquil location on the River Cherwell has always been a selling point for the Boathouse- backed up by the pristine look of the place and a killer wine list ….Nick Welford navigates the restaurant through its seasonal progress, and makes a confident fist of dishes such as crab and smoked salmon tian dressed in cavier , crisp skinned cod in clam and potato chowder with balnched spring greens ; and rump of lamb with aubergine cavier . Dessert might be plum fool with Champagne jelly, or Sussex pond pudding and custard . The now legendary wine list is arranged by grape variety and contains some of the worlds best growers – Ostertag, Prum, Ogier, Au Bon Climat, Vega Sililia – at prices that often come as a pleasant surprise”

Good Food Guide 2015

“Displays the oenological equivalent of perfect pitch. Classicists will love the selection of clarets and burgundies many from great vintages, and there is a fine selection of Riesling….extraordinary value for money especially at the top end…”


“Great food- in all the years I have been eating here I have never had a bad meal. The restaurant always delivers and last night was excellent. The staff are attentive and friendly- the atmosphere is warm and welcoming. What more can I say, it rocks my boat every time because it is great!”

Joanne Blower January 2018