Over 70 handmade punts, rowing boats & canoes…

How To Hire A Boat

On arrival, by tapping your contactless card you authorize access to the £100 deposit. When you return, we charge the hire fee from that deposit, the rest is returned within 3 working days. If you prefer to pay in advance, you can online at www.cherwellpunting.co.uk


Couples, families, groups, coach parties, schools and corporate entertainment all welcome.

Weekdays tends to be fairly quiet with punts available at all times.

At weekends, punts are allocated on a first-come-first-served basis.

We open at 10am and queues can start around midday.

At this point we give out numbers and when your number is called you will be allocated a punt. If waiting, you can sit by the river and enjoy refreshments from the Boathouse Tea hut.

Weekday Availability:

Booking for punt hire on a weekday is available, however not necessary as we never run out of boats on weekdays.

Weekends Availability:

We don’t take many bookings for punts on weekends as we can’t guarantee when customers out on the water will be back. However, we find our simple queueing system works very well. This is how a hot summer weekend tends to flow…

  • We open at 10am
  • We never run out of boats before 11am
  • It’s unusual to run out before 12pm (noon)
  • The current trend is for punts to be available throughout the afternoon with a small chance of a short wait.
  • Once we run out we operate a queue much like a supermarket deli counter whereby we give out numbers and call out numbers as and when boats become available.
  • We have a nice lawn and benches where you can make yourself comfortable and a Tea Hut where you can get tea, coffee, Pimm’s etc.
  • Rarely do people have to wait over an hour and that time passes quickly as you watch others master the art of punting.
  • One person can queue on behalf of a party as long as they are equipped to hire the punt/s when their number is called.
  • In short, to avoid queuing arrive in the morning. Failing that expect a short wait while you sit by the river in the sun with a jug of Pimm’s (life could be worse).