Our Suppliers

The best in seasonal, local ingredients

Our Butcher

Thatcham butchers was formed in 1985 as a family run business which originated in a small retail shop, but such was the demand for the quality of there fresh meats that they have grown and grown as a company therefore by popular demand more local products have been sourced such as Torre meadow beef, Cotswold lamb, Orchard farm pork. With setting a high standard Thatcham butchers will continue to be at the forefront of the catering trade in the oxfordshire area. www.thatchambutcher.co.uk

Our Fishmonger

Fish comes from Kingfisher based in Brixham home to the largest prime fish market in the UK . Kingfisher is synonymous with seafood and a big part of the family employing around 70 personnel from the local community , and has developed strong contacts and relationships with auctioneers who supply daily information on landing and quotas. Sustainability has become a fundemental issue from all supplies as to source of product as well as any relevant catch methods. Fish can usually be delivered within  24 hours of being bought from the fish market .